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Careful Drivers Academy is licensed to act as a Driver Training School under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations of the Province of British Columbia. The school has also maintained a Driver Training School Bond of $10,000 with ICBC, thereby, reducing the risk of advance payment for packages.  Please refer to the school registration details and address from the ICBC website at http://www.dtcbc.com/resources/locations/all-schools.asp#VANCOUVER

The Principal Mr. Michael Ng is licensed to act as a Driver Training Instructor under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations of the Province of British Columbia. He is qualified to teach Class 5/7 with both the Licences for Practical (In-Car Training) & Theory (GLP in Classroom). (Note: Only a minority of instructors hold the Theory (GLP) Licence.)

Mr. Michael Ng is also a graduate in Education from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Pedagogy in Educational Psychology, and has Canadian teaching experience in the public school system. Mr. Ng has accumulated some 30 years of driving experience in Canada.

Mr. Ng has completed a Course in Collision Avoidance presented by Canadian Direct Insurance (See certificate below), and is now a ICBC Road Star Gold with 20 years free from at fault accident even though the car is also driven by the student.

The mission of Careful Drivers Academy is

(1) to provide professional and safe driving and driving skills to new learners and new drivers;

(2) to protect the public against malpractice and maintains security with the driver training school bond as required under the Motor Vehicle Act Regulation Division 27.05 (1); and

(3) to ensure vehicles and equipments are insured properly and inspected regularly as stated in MVA Div. 27.09 (1).

Careful Drivers Academy offers a complete program for Class 7 and Class 5 driving instruction. We strive to offer the best instructional service to our students and ensure they are well prepared for their road test in the shortest possible time and at the same time to ensure they can operate the vehicle safely, without traffic violation and dangerous action. Contact us if you have any questions about our program and service.

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School Licence 2015
Instructor Licence
GLP Instructor
B Ped
Collision Avoidance Course Certificate
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