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Welcome to Careful Drivers Academy  安全第一駕駛學校 !

Welcome to Careful Drivers Academy 安全第一駕駛學校 !

At Careful Drivers Academy, we offer a complete program for Class 7 and Class 5 driving instruction. We strive to offer the best instructional service to our students and ensure they are well prepared for their road test in the shortest possible time and at the same time to ensure they can operate the vehicle safely, without traffic violation and dangerous action. Contact us if you have any questions about our program and service.

Careful Drivers Academy offers the following instructional programs:

Class 7 Driver Licensing: This program normally takes approximately 15 hours of in-car training for average students. The following instruction will be covered during the course:(1) Prep Trip Check (2) Right Turn & Left Turn at a Stop Sign or without a Stop Sign (3) 4-Way Stop (4) Angle Parking (5) Parallel Parking (6) Uphill / Downhill Parking (7) Back Up Straight (8) 2-Point Turn (9) Back into Stall Parking (10) 3-Point Turn (11) Right Turn & Left Turn at Traffic Light (12) Point of No Return (13) Lane Changing & Passing (14) Uncontrolled Intersection (15) Hazard Perception (16) Defensive Driving (17) Highway / Freeway Driving and (18) Preparation for Road Test.

Class 5 Driver Licensing: This program normally takes approximately 10 hours of in-car training. The basic driving skills for Class 7 will be reviewed, improved, and bad habits will be identified and corrected during the course. In addition the following instruction will be provided: (1) Intersection Maneuvers (right turn, left turn and driving through) (2) Lane Changing (3) Entering and Exiting a Highway or Freeway (4) 3-Point Turn or Parallel Parking (5) Pulling Over & Stopping (6) Reverse Stall Parking (7) General Driving (e.g. driving Straight, driving on hills and curves) and (8) Hazard Perception while Driving.

For Hourly Rate and Packages please click Rate for Driving Lesson, or call us directly at  604-781-3066.

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